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security ink(s), ultraviolet ink(s), water ink(s), covert security ink(s), label security ink(s)
Inks & Coatings
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Security Inks & Coatings

Graphix Essentials' has field-proven water and UV security inks for flexographic & rotogravure printers. Our patented technology produces rheologically stable security ink with excellent graphic fidelity,requiring minimal coverage yet 'emitting' intensely.

Preplanned covert modifications (varying one or more activation stimuli and / or emission responses) can be designed in tandem and readily available.

Codevert™ inks produce Datamatrix codes with 'crisp' graphics that emit brightly for 100% in-line code recognition, as seen in this video from a OTC pharma labeling line.

(The 2D barcode shown is a 5 mm square area with 60% ink coverage.)